Nikki Hill VR

Nikki Hill

Jan 01st 2001
5'9'' ft. (173 cm)
117 lb. (53 kg)
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What would your dream porn star look like? In our never-ending search for fantastic fanny, we want to find magic wanna wank qualities. We found this Ukrainian sensation Nikki Hill, we bet you’d love to “go up that hill”. Nikki’s a real stunner with a beautiful face and those smoky grey-blue eyes, she’s quite captivating. Standing at 5’8” (173 cm), Nikki has the most perfectly lean hot Body we’ve seen in too long. Her skin is as smooth as silk, firm and luxurious to the touch, those long legs riding all the way up to her perfectly shaved pussy. That’s no designer vagina, by the way, that’s a gift from the fanny Gods, with her exquisite pussy lips ready to kiss cock. Does she get wet? You bet. And just check out her perfectly peachy ass cheeks, how can they be so fantastically shaped, rounded to perfection that they cause such an erection. We expect Nikki loves having her chocolate starfish rimmed, such a tight little anus, ideal for fun with a tongue. How about anal sex? With Nikki’s agile flexible 21-year-old body, (in 2022), she loves getting bent over and taking a hard swollen cock up her ass. Our cameras will be busy capturing a penis pumping up her butt as she squeals like a little piglet with the joy of having a dick inside her asshole. Just how can Nikki keep her skin so soft and smooth? We expect the moisturising effects of guys jerking off cum in her face and on her body can help, “because she’s worth it”. Just look at her fabulous tits, like magical muffins of fun tipped off with soft pink nipples, they aren’t sloppy tit-wank puppies, these are elegant bumps of joy and plenty enough to send you wild. Nikki Hill loves the porn game, get used to her name as she’s going to be a big star who will go far. How far? we don’t yet know, but we are sure she’s going to put on quite a show, you’ll be wanking until you blow. We bring you the "Stars of VR, provocative porn performers”.

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