Returning to the stage! This is how the Coronavirus influenced pornstar’s life

Famous Czech pornstar Daisy Lee is starting her story describing how did she react to the Coronavirus panic: “At the beginning when I saw the first advertising of masks and people wearing masks on the streets I laughed”, but then she got a terrible flu and huge muscle pain which took almost 3 weeks to recover. “I went for tests and it was negative, but I think I went through it.”

The actress also tried the new trend during quarantine – corona position, which is filming with a mask. She also mentioned how corona influenced her relationship with her boyfriend. “To be honest, corona really helped us to strengthen our relationship, to know each other better and to find out what we like in a bed”.

Daisy Lee is back on the stage now and she is enjoying the shoot also in virtual reality. “Virtual reality is very popular, people love it, it’s not only interesting and attractive, but it’s real! You can be with your favorite girl in a porn movie.”

What comes out of Daisy Lee’s interview? Found out in this video:

How the interview with her continued and what’s happened afterwards?

If you are interested you can check also Slovak and Czech version of the article.