Sexy Car Review with Angel Wicky

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Sexy Car Review by Angel Wicky

Angel Wicky, one of the biggest Czech pornstars, is testing a new car from one of the leading Czech vehicle manufacturers!

There has never been a vehicle tested like this! The world-famous female pornstar Angel Wicky took a close look at the new model of the leading Czech vehicle manufacture and put it through its paces in a VR video.

Angel Wicky has tested many of the new features and quickly concludes that “The car has balls!” Or is the car male and female in one? Is this new, innovative space saver really unique and supportive for the active work of a virtual reality porn actress?

Sexy Car Review by Angel Wicky
Sexy Car Review by Angel Wicky

In any case, she really likes this vehicle, especially the pleasantly designed interior and the newly developed automatic transmission. To find out and learn a lot more about this car, watch the following video.