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Reality Lovers Kicks Off Sexy Soccer 2018

Reality Lovers is catching soccer fever, inspired by the 21st FIFA World Cup in Moscow now underway, and as a result, it will participate in the 2018 Sexy Soccer event taking place in Berlin on June 22. According to the company, this event is traditionally the perfect mixer between the adult industry’s fans, influencers, amateurs and established stars. “And just like during previous events, Reality Lovers is going to the event with the perfect game plan,” says a studio spokesperson. “First: assemble a star-studded team drafted from a cadre of young guns. This will ensure that visitors to its sector can feast their eyes on the talented actresses-come-sexy-soccer-players Aische Pervers, Anike Ekina, and Jolee Love.” By sending these Sexy Soccer ambassadors, the spokesperson says Reality Lovers is doing its part to popularize virtual reality as the main conduit for adult entertainment. To drive the point home, it has prepared a special treat for current and future fans titled, “Come to Bed with a Pornstar.”

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Oculus Go – The Great VR Enabler

The makers of Oculus Go call it the most approachable VR product on the market. We at Reality Lovers think this may actually be a fitting description in that for many VR novices — and even not-so-novices — this new kid on the block could be the perfect entry point into the ever expanding world of virtual reality. Sporting a unique combination of features packed into one neat unit, with agreeable price tag, it is bound to give the competition a run for their money. First Impressions First We were on a mission to put our new toy through its paces by playing one of our latest videos in 4K, the highest resolution the GO supports. Perhaps the main difference we noticed immediately is that The Go has killed the smartphone. In other devices, you would typically insert a mobile device into the front of the unit. The Go’s answer is to pack everything you need to run VR neatly into the headset itself. The Go’s brilliant smartphone-less design was only matched by its flawless Wi-Fi connectivity feature. We could not be happier. From the moment you unbox this puppy, it sure feels like a high-end product. For a moment, we thought we robbed a bank and got away with it.

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Reality Lovers Goes Full Stream Ahead

LOS ANGELES—Subscribers of Reality Lovers, a leading VR adult entertainment studio, can now stream content directly from the company's online library. The new functionality was inspired by valuable feedback from the VR community. As a result, users can now spend less time setting up their VR gear and more time immersed in high-end VR experience. “We’re constantly looking to improve our customer experience, and this functionality is a great feature that adds to the overall user experience,” said René Pour, founder and CEO, Reality Lovers. The supported devices include Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, HTC Vive, and also other models and makes. In the next phase, the rollout of the streaming service is also planned for Mature Reality and TS Virtual Lovers libraries.

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BILD.DE „Sex and the City“ kommt zurück – als Porno!

Das musste ja irgendwann passieren … „Sex and the City“, die absolute Lieblingsserie von Millionen Frauen, kommt zurück auf den Bildschirm – in der Hardcore-Version als Porno! Das US-Unternehmen „Reality Lovers“ bringt am 16. Mai die Erwachsenen-Version als Virtual-Reality-Serie auf den Markt und alle Mädels sind dabei – zumindest die Figuren. Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda und Samantha werden natürlich nicht von Sarah Jessica Parker (53), Kristin Davis (53), Cynthia Nixon (52) und Kim Cattrall (61) gespielt, sondern von professionellen Porno-Darstellerinnen. Wie die US-Webseite „TMZ“ berichtet, taufen die Schmuddelfilmchen-Macher ihre Serie „Sex IN the City“ (raffiniert) und orientieren sich auch inhaltlich an einzelnen Episoden des Originals des Senders HBO.

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Get ready for a "Sex and the City" reboot where there's wayyy more sex, more than just talk about vibrators, and you can bang the stars ... or at least virtually experience it. Not sure what the hell took so long for this to happen ... but the porn company, Reality Lovers, is rolling out a virtual reality spoof series called, "Sex in the City." It's the first-ever episodic VR porn series. They're keeping the OG character names, but we're guessing you'll get a much, umm ... deeper appreciation for Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha in the XXX version. Well, maybe not Samantha -- Kim Cattrall was a total freak. We're told the porn version -- which debuts online May 16 -- will stick to many of the HBO series' story lines. Translation: the famed Rabbit will make an appearance. No word on who's playing Mr. Big, but expectations will be large high ... especially in VR.

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Reality Lovers review from SexTechGuide

Reality Lovers is having the single biggest catalog – with a current count of 290+ individual titles, all of which are (thanks to a recent redesign) nice and easy to filter and download in a variety of different formats.

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Reality Lovers: Virtual Reality Porn At Its Best

The inspiration for Reality Lovers came at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona held in 2014. That is when René Pour, the company’s founder and CEO realized the potential of the virtual reality technology and its application to the adult entertainment. The company Reality Lovers was founded in 2016 and since has attracted a cult-like following. As of this writing, RL customers can choose from a diversified library of 300+videos available to them immediately on demand. Translated to figures, this equals to over 7250 minutes of intense VR pleasure.

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Reality Lovers -

Mit Reality Lovers buhlt ein weiteres VR Porno Studio um die Gunst der Virtual Reality Fans. Anfang 2015 in London gegründet, bietet das Studio ein bis dato einzigartiges Feature, auf dass ich später im Testbericht eingehen werde. Inzwischen finden sich auf der Webseite von Reality Lovers eine Fülle an Pornos für Virtual Reality Brillen. Zum Zeitpunkt meines Erfahrungsberichtes, stehen 272 VR Pornos zum Download bereit.

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