Sushi Time

Sushi Time
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Sushi Time


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If you are a fan of sushi and oriental culture, this video will make your inner shogun want to do an erotic kamikaze! Please welcome the ultimate Asian hottie - Katana, who is sporting a kimono and wants to serve you the best sushi you've ever had. In the beginning, your taste buds will be teased as you see Katana preparing the sushi dish for you. After that, it's time to eat this masterpiece - but something goes wrong as Katana accidentally drops sushi on your crotch. She is so sorry for that, but tries to make up for it instantly. After all, you both knew from the start that there is huge sexual tension between you and Katana. That's why she shows you a brand new way of eating this delicacy - sushi from the pussy!… Read more

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