Slave For Your Sins

Slave For Your Sins
Barbie Sins
Big Tits Blonde Blowjob Cowgirl Doggy Hardcore Rough Sex BDSM
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Slave For Your Sins


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Have you ever met a really passionate, kinky dominatrix? Say hello to the slutty Brit named Barbie Sins, who will teach you how to behave! Her appearance will make you want to obey her and her body will make you want to fuck her. But not so fast, slave! You only get to do what the mistress says and nothing else. Luckily, Barbie is a generous woman and gradually unravels everything. Her latex bodysuit doesn't stay on for long because you just simply don't deserve it (and we're saving that scenario for later). Be a good boy and obey this real-life Barbie doll who is dominating you intensely.… Read more

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